History of the Arkansas State Police

In cities and towns across Arkansas today there are men and women who proudly wear the badge of the Arkansas State Police. Their distinctive uniform which includes the wide-brim campaign hat sets these law enforcement officers apart and without a second glance local citizens know they are in the presence of Arkansas State Troopers.

On March 19th, 1935 when Governor J.M. Futrell and the Arkansas General Assembly approved and signed into law Act 120, known as the Chrip-Carter bill, the Arkansas State Police was born.

The first men to be empowered in Arkansas with statewide law enforcement duties and responsibilities were known as Rangers. Time would pass and the officers would later be called troopers.

For a video retrospective of Arkansas State Police history, watch From Rangers to Troopers  below.

Historic Supplements

The following video is dedicated to the men and women who have proudly worn the badges of the Arkansas State Rangers and Arkansas State Police.  Journey through history as you watch this artful composition of photographs and video clips, remembering the fallen comrades who served with pride as Arkansas State Police.